The School of Languages, Literacies and Translation (SoLLaT), Universiti Sains Malaysia, and MATSDA (Materials Development Association), in collaboration with Wasit University (Iraq), will hold a virtual conference on August 11th (starts at 9 a.m. GMT + 8) and 12th (ends at 9.00 a.m. GMT + 8) 2021 focusing on how language learning materials are actually used to promote creativity and criticality and how they could be used.  The International Language Learning Conference (ILLC) is hosted by SoLLaT biennially. This year, MATSDA and SoLLaT, in collaboration with Wasit University are organizing this conference with the theme of 'Developing L2 Materials and Designing Language Learning to Promote Creativity and Criticality'. This conference will bring together researchers, publishers, writers, and teachers to work together towards the eventual high-quality and use of materials for the learning of languages. 


MATSDA ( is an international materials development association founded by Brian Tomlinson in 1993 to bring together researchers, teachers, materials developers, and publishers in a joint effort to improve the effectiveness of language learning materials. The association has successfully organized and held 32 MATSDA conferences on specific themes related to significant issues in the field of materials development in England, Ireland, Argentina, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, and the USA. The first international MATSDA Conference was held at the University of Luton in 1993, and the most recent one at the University of Liverpool in 2019. In 2017 the MATSDA conference was held at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands and the 2018 conference was held at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) in Shanghai, China.


The School of Languages, Literacies and Translation, Universiti Sains Malaysia, and MATSDA have now formed a strong relationship in order to deepen knowledge about materials and materials used. The theme for the conference is ‘Developing L2 Materials to Promote Creativity and Criticality’. Such a theme suggests that there is widening interest in the field regarding the theme of materials used. The School of Languages, Literacies, and Translation, Universiti Sains Malaysia is not only playing a pioneering role in this theme but also creating an impact in the field through publications and conference presentations.